Welcome to qp

The Quick Poll system (http://qp.unimelb.edu.au) quickly generates polls for use in class. Each poll has five options, labelled 'A' to 'E'. The context can be supplied verbally, or with class handouts. All data received is anonymous. For more information see qp background. A printable user guide to qp (.pdf) is also available.

Getting started

To create a poll select the 'Admin' link and log in with your regular staff email password. You will see the results of your currently running poll (the system will make one for you automatically if you don't have one). Click the 'Start new poll' button to start recording a new set of results.

Directing students

Send your students to the following URL to submit poll responses: http://qp.unimelb.edu.au/username where username is your staff login name.

Viewing previous polls

Select the 'Previous polls' link on the admin screen to see the results of your past polls.


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Associate Professor Peter Tregloan

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Curriculum Licensing Services (CLS)

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Damian Sweeney: programming, interface design & CSS